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Why Buy A Forklift Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement?

Just as with any other major purchase such as a home, vehicle, major electronic purchase, you want to make sure you have adequate 'insurance' against major defects and costly repairs. Owning a forklift truck should be no different.

Improperly maintained or non-maintained forklifts can be a hazard. Without preventive maintenance, a forklift truck can actually become a hazard to both the operator of the lift truck as well as those in the vicinity of the truck operation.

SS Lift offers a Preventive Maintenance program designed to identify potential issues prior to them becoming major repair items.  These repairs can be scheduled to eliminate downtime during your hours of operation.

A properly maintained forklift truck can significantly reduce your repair expenses by fixing them before they become a major repair item.

Buying a forklift preventive maintenance service agreement is good insurance to maintaining a safe, operational lift truck. It only takes one accident, one major repair or one non-operational day to realize that such a policy is truly well worth the money spent.

Before your forklift starts leaving puddles everywhere, sign up for an SS Lift Preventive Maintenance Plan. It's Easy!


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